School has begun!!!

First ones are for Joe Kuberts class where we have to design a character for comics, tv and a live action movie. The Mars attacks one will be painted in guache should be lots of fun =) Sorry for the blurry and poorly lit pictures i do not have access to a scanner at the moment =(


Old gryphon sketch

I think i did this at the beginning of the summer and just found it in one of my sketchbooks today =)

Watched Horror Hotel last night, always one of my favorites.(this sketch has nothing to do with that except the fact that i drew it after =/


snakes 'n stuff

Just a quick update on my painting, i will hopefully be finishing it up later today =)


Random room stuff

I was cleaning my room and found some kinda cool things i felt like sharing.

My dad drew this for me when i was little so i wouldn't be afraid of Frankenstein. I still have it hanging up in my room =)

This skull hangs out on my desk where it has acquired horns and some goggles.




Finally decided to post sketches/work in progress up here =/ Took a while. Here you go, first sketch-day 1.



Yay a place to post sketches and things in progress, will probably be posting things up tomorrow =)